Saturday, September 17, 2016

College Costs: Some thoughts

Funny thing. When I went to college (in California), tuition was $50 per semester, and you paid for your books. UNLESS you were not a legal resident of California...
So the question is, why are people having to carry so much debt just to go to a four year college? I think I know...

1. Real qualifications to attend. I had to have above a specific score on the entrance exam to even get in.
2. Reasonable wages for the profs, administrators, etc.
3. Citizens only, unless you paid, and CA legal residents at that. ID required.
4. NO BS (technical term, meaning bull feces) degrees. You could be an engineer, scientist, mathematician, teacher, psychologist, etc. on the State's dime, since they expected you would get a job and eventually pay back their faith in you.

OH, and by the way...why is it, in the era of FREE INFORMATION, that college costs so much? Nobody asks THAT question. As accessibility to information has risen exponentially, and despite the fact that all that info is free for the taking, colleges and universities have all raised their rates by about the same exponential number.
I am NOT a "Bernie Sanders" type, who says, "All college free, all the time." I'm the type that says, "Get back to what colleges were originally designed to do"--that is, TRAIN QUALIFIED PEOPLE FOR REAL WORK, and let the state carry the cost until the taxes it collects pay them back. So...back to getting in to actually DO something; back to reasonable, not exorbitant, pay; back to citizens free, back to pricing education the same way information is priced.