Sunday, March 20, 2016

National Review and the Elitist Class...GRRR...

So who's really on YOUR side?

Link to National Review Article saying, "Die, Middle Class, Die!"

Link to Breitbart's Article re: National Review article

If you ever wondered "Whose side we're on," National Review's article provides the answer.  The problem with this article is that it is, like all politically motivated articles, aimed at protecting a group of people who definitely don't need protection. It's a sort of "in reverse" effort, but the real power in some branches of the conservative movement comes from the export of jobs and technology outside of the US.  It's almost as if the entire movement had conspired to desert the people who brought us out of WWII, who gave us great electric utilities, water utilities, and the like, and to say, "Well, you helped us out. Now go away. It's time for you to die." Unfortunately, this is true of elitests of all stripes. Conservative or liberal, they use the "multitudes" until they are through with them, and then want them to go away, so that the elites can go on and have their nice life.
This is just as true of the elitist liberals, and if you read between the lines, every "race war," every court appointment, every move is about just one thing: consolidation of power. If the conservatives are "out," they seek power. If they are "in," they seek to consolidate power.
If the liberals are "out," they seek power. If they are in, they seek to consolidate power. Perhaps the greatest fear either group has is that someone might arise who can't be bought, and the people might vote for him or her.
Don't look for that person any time soon. We are left voting for "the lesser of two evils" as we see them.
In these times, it's wise to remember several Bible verses:
1. "My Kingdom" (said Jesus) "is not of this world." If you want someone who actually cares for you, whoever you are, He's just about IT. Nobody else.
2. "The devil took [Jesus] up to a high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time;" (and then the devil said to Jesus), " Worship me, and all this will be yours; for this is delivered to me..."
If you want to know who's really behind the current political situation in ANY country, look at Luke 4:5-7.
3. If you want to know if "your" political candidate is on your side, refer to the above passage. Being able to understand the likelihood of altruism in political candidates is essential to the process of deciding who you'll vote for.
4. Should you even bother to vote? Yes.  Christians have a grave responsibility, to vote for people who most truly represent the things in which they believe. However, you should not be so foolish as to believe that these people actually care. What they care about is the power.
5. There's almost always some human agency, or agencies, "behind the throne." In the case of liberal politicians, it's often someone like George Soros, who acts in HIS OWN BEST INTEREST; he supports politicians because they will do what he pays them to do. In the case of conservative politicians, there are often multiple "benefactors," but they all resolve into an elitist group of wealthy people who want to protect their income and status.  That's why tax laws are written the way they are. In short, please don't fall for the idea that someone will "help you." He/she will help themselves. If you benefit as well, that's nice. Otherwise, too bad.

This is why I believe Christians should be exceedingly careful about political endorsements, whoever it is they endorse--whether black ministers endorsing the current president, or white pastors endorsing one of the conservative candidates.

It sounds pretty dismal, doesn't it?  But it's not.  One day, all heaven will sing. "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Messiah."

It's for that day that we wait.

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