Sunday, March 20, 2016

National Review and the Elitist Class...GRRR...

So who's really on YOUR side?

Link to National Review Article saying, "Die, Middle Class, Die!"

Link to Breitbart's Article re: National Review article

If you ever wondered "Whose side we're on," National Review's article provides the answer.  The problem with this article is that it is, like all politically motivated articles, aimed at protecting a group of people who definitely don't need protection. It's a sort of "in reverse" effort, but the real power in some branches of the conservative movement comes from the export of jobs and technology outside of the US.  It's almost as if the entire movement had conspired to desert the people who brought us out of WWII, who gave us great electric utilities, water utilities, and the like, and to say, "Well, you helped us out. Now go away. It's time for you to die." Unfortunately, this is true of elitests of all stripes. Conservative or liberal, they use the "multitudes" until they are through with them, and then want them to go away, so that the elites can go on and have their nice life.
This is just as true of the elitist liberals, and if you read between the lines, every "race war," every court appointment, every move is about just one thing: consolidation of power. If the conservatives are "out," they seek power. If they are "in," they seek to consolidate power.
If the liberals are "out," they seek power. If they are in, they seek to consolidate power. Perhaps the greatest fear either group has is that someone might arise who can't be bought, and the people might vote for him or her.
Don't look for that person any time soon. We are left voting for "the lesser of two evils" as we see them.
In these times, it's wise to remember several Bible verses:
1. "My Kingdom" (said Jesus) "is not of this world." If you want someone who actually cares for you, whoever you are, He's just about IT. Nobody else.
2. "The devil took [Jesus] up to a high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time;" (and then the devil said to Jesus), " Worship me, and all this will be yours; for this is delivered to me..."
If you want to know who's really behind the current political situation in ANY country, look at Luke 4:5-7.
3. If you want to know if "your" political candidate is on your side, refer to the above passage. Being able to understand the likelihood of altruism in political candidates is essential to the process of deciding who you'll vote for.
4. Should you even bother to vote? Yes.  Christians have a grave responsibility, to vote for people who most truly represent the things in which they believe. However, you should not be so foolish as to believe that these people actually care. What they care about is the power.
5. There's almost always some human agency, or agencies, "behind the throne." In the case of liberal politicians, it's often someone like George Soros, who acts in HIS OWN BEST INTEREST; he supports politicians because they will do what he pays them to do. In the case of conservative politicians, there are often multiple "benefactors," but they all resolve into an elitist group of wealthy people who want to protect their income and status.  That's why tax laws are written the way they are. In short, please don't fall for the idea that someone will "help you." He/she will help themselves. If you benefit as well, that's nice. Otherwise, too bad.

This is why I believe Christians should be exceedingly careful about political endorsements, whoever it is they endorse--whether black ministers endorsing the current president, or white pastors endorsing one of the conservative candidates.

It sounds pretty dismal, doesn't it?  But it's not.  One day, all heaven will sing. "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Messiah."

It's for that day that we wait.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The GOP wants to "Dump Trump;" Why?

Interesting goings on; now why would they do this? (see the link above) Simple answer: Mr. Trump will change the way they do business. The CEO's of the various tech companies are petrified that Mr. Trump will force them to behave as proper corporate citizens; they see evaporating profits because of changes in the laws if he's elected, and they really don't like it. the GOP establishment, which has argued for "free trade" all these years, is terrified, too, since to them "free trade" has meant exporting American jobs via American companies so that we could all work at WalMart. Mr. Trump will be bad, very bad for the establishment, but possibly very good for the middle and lower classes, who, I think, would rather have actually good jobs than work at KFC for a "better minimum wage."
Now this is just my opinion, but when the wealthy vote no, it might be wise to look at why they are doing it. Today, we have one of the lowest employment participation rates since the '50's, one of the highest unemployment rates we've ever had (22.5% or so, if you look at ACTUAL unemployment), and the GOP and DEM establishments want to convince us that "more of the same" is good for us. In reality, it's only good for THEM.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Money...or the REAL reason people hate Donald Trump...Especially Mitt Romney

I have often maintained that if you want to find the "why" of something, you need to look beneath what people say, to their motivations, because these are often the real reasons for their words and actions, as opposed to what they are saying.
In politics, motivation is relatively easy to discover, and I'll talk about that in a moment.
But in the first place, please don't think that this is really an argument for or against a particular political candidate. I'm going to discuss him (Mr. Trump), though, because he represents a sea change in the way the US acts.  You will certainly decide what you plan to do by the first part of November, if he's a nominee. Please vote your conscience. Always.
In the first place, let me talk briefly about Mitt Romney.  I voted for him in the last election, because I didn't like the other choice.  I believed, and history seems to bear me out, that Mr. Obama was not good for the country--not good for citizens' rights, not good for minorities, not good for our nation's business, not good for the military. So I voted for the "less worst thing"--Mr. Romney. I've grown accustomed to voting for what I believe is the lesser of two evils, because the candidates have really not been much different, however they represented themselves, and whatever their press releases said.

However with Mr. Trump (and Mr. Sanders, on the other side of the aisle), there's a huge change coming.

Mr. Trump is avowedly a nationalist.  In other words, he plans to act in the best interests of the citizens of the US (assuming this is not just campaign rhetoric). Which would be us.  You and me. This really is a first in a long time.

For generations, elections have been bought and sold with lies and bribes. I know this because of multiple sets of facts, but let's use Obamacare as an example.  I'm not as much against it as some of the people I know, but imagine a system in which insurers are guaranteed money, in which the pharmaceutical companies can charge what they please, and in which the American taxpayer is required to purchase insurance to pay them. That's Obamacare in a nutshell. There are cost savings, and people can have insurance without reference to their pre-existing conditions, but Obamacare is a system almost wholly made up for the benefit of the people who put in the money to get it passed. Any benefits we get are side benefits.  If you doubt my words, look at what happened to insurance company stocks, and pharmaceutical stocks, once it was passed.

This leads me to a conclusion.  We will be lied to by the politicians.  Most of them, maybe all of them. Mr Sanders is complicit in this, as is Mrs. Clinton.  Mr. Sanders because he promises a minimum wage, which is set up to make low paying jobs well paying, and Mrs. Clinton because she is really a creature of the people who pay her, Goldman Sachs being a good example. The Republican candidates are almost all the same.

If you put them all, Republican and Democrat, in a huge basket, and bread them and fry them, you wouldn't be able to taste the difference.  They are virtually the same, despite what you hear.
We will be lied to because we don't bother to follow the money, since money is the chief requirement to get elected in these days.  The various pundits also seek money, and they want to be "in on the party," so they help elect people they like--or at least dislike less.

So what happens if we follow the money, in say, Mitt Romney's diatribe against Donald Trump?
Very simply, Romney is a creature of the stock market, and of his former company, Bain Capital. What Bain Capital did was to purchase and sell off companies that it deemed "unprofitable;" the jobs in those companies often disappeared, because one of the ways you make a company "more efficient" is to "outsource" your workers (i. e., you have your stuff made in other countries).

Mr. Trump is very much against (at least in his campaign words) against the very things that made Bain Capital and Mr. Romney rich, and indeed made all the moneymakers on Wall Street wealthy beyond their dreams.

Mr. Trump is FOR U. S. citizens getting jobs from American companies. He's FOR removing, if not reducing, the incredible impact of foreign workers on jobs here in the US.

This, whatever else it is, will be a giant shock to the system.  "Bring jobs back here? NO WAY!!! Make companies actually pay a living wage to their workers, HERE, rather than outsourcing everything from sweatpants to cell phones? NEVER!" That's what all the stock market folks are screaming, giving money hand over fist to whoever else they can find to keep the status quo going.

I am old enough to have seen the slow erosion of virtually all the moneymaking jobs in this country, except for finance, technology development, energy production, medicine, and government. The companies, by the way, who've been at the forefront of this are just about all against Mr. Trump, if not vocally, at least quietly, and they are donating money like crazy to whomever they think can challenge him.

The thing that terrifies them all is that this person, who has made his money locally (yes, I know he or his contractors employed foreign workers, but real estate is by definition local), actually HAS THE MONEY to fight them. And he's doing it.

So my point is this.  We need people, whomever they may be, who are willing to tell the truth in politics--the truth being that it is NOT good to invite people from another country into our country when we don't know who they are; The truth being that we need good jobs here for US citizens, and no amount of welfare, unemployment insurance, or fast food jobs that pay $15 an hour will replace the good jobs lost to outsourcing. After all, who pays for welfare? YOU DO.  Wouldn't it be better for the country to restore the jobs that we lost over the decades with good new jobs, and a nationalist policy that puts us first in trade negotiations, etc. than to have a host of fast food or retail jobs paying $15 an hour?

When I was a little guy, my parents bought and paid for two homes on my Dad's salary alone. They owned cars. They provided food. We had lobster sometimes (San Diego had a clean ocean then!), and we always had fresh fruit and vegetables. All this on ONE paycheck until I was about 15, when Mom went to work in real estate.  This was the real world back then. The country made its own stuff. We decided who would come into our country.

Please don't tell me it can't be like this again. That's been the mantra for decades, that we "needed to enter the global economy," that we needed to "once again become a nation of immigrants," that we were "going to enter times of change," that America would be OK, and that people would "find new jobs."

Sorry. It was all a smokescreen, beginning about 1964, and it was almost all lies.  The same people who told you, "We have to have less expensive foreign products" laughed at us as they cashed their ever-larger paychecks, and got us all to vote for people who systematically destroyed our way of life. And I'm NOT just talking about one political party or the other.  It was, unfortunately everybody. That's the sad part.
Perhaps saddest of all, though, with the political guarantees that they have of free speech, is that the various news organizations did not have the courage to stand up against the lying bribery, and to say, "enough!" In fact, with the rise of the internet, and the availability of information, they all railed against anyone who challenged their hegemony, and called them "Bloggers...not real reporters," and the like--but if you followed the money, you'd find the same thing to be true of them as of the politicians. They were not after truth.  They wanted the same "in" as the moneymen had. Truth was not just secondary. They created an untrue "reality" in the service of money.

How do we fix this?  Is it Donald Trump? I really don't know.  I DO know that if we maintain the course we've been on, we'll be a third world country much sooner than we realize. Mr. Trump, for all his faults, represents a genuine change in the way America does business. This, at least, commends him to me. Not one of the other candidates really proposes to do that. Even Mr. Sanders proposes "more of the same," meaning, "tax more people so that folks can get a free lunch;" (I'm for a free education, by the way, but an education that really means something, not an education that focuses on useless information. I'm for reasonably priced medical care, which is something we still don't have now, after years of Obamacare). I'm for a lot of things that probably won't happen for a while--but we have a chance.

What I want is that very elusive person: an HONEST politician--someone who works on behalf of his own constituents, and who has the commonsense to see that what we need to do is institute change that will give our country back to us.

Vote for whomever you think is most likely to do that, and you will give yourself and your children a shot at the future.